Aegean Blue Table Decor Cotton Round Place Mats

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Having decades old and a strong history with cotton ensures its product as a result of immense dedication, precision, craftsmanship, and quality with block printing. Fabricrush Table Mat Set offers premium quality Mats that can complement the most sought-after decorative desires around dining and coffee tables. Fabricrush Table Mat commit : 1)100% pure preshrunk cotton 2)Reusability 3)Washable 4) Eco-friendliness 5) Reflection of Indian medieval history through block printing 6) Authentic handmade will and ambition from very skilled craftsmen Fabricrush offers a wide variety of customization for its Table Mat to go good with every end consumer and business as well BUNDLING: -Set of 2 -Set of 4 -Set of 6 -Set of 12 -Set of 24 (Re-seller Pack) -Set of 48(Business Pack)