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A scent evoking the imaginary journey of a fairylike forest. Go astray,
and infuse your senses with old blasted Swedish pine, fir needles, resin
collected from Swedish coastal forest, sandalwoods, cinnamon and a
chorus of discrete herbs.

Barr means pine needles in Swedish. Growing up on Öland – the tranquil
island on the Southeast coast of Sweden – Barr is a pivotal part of an idyllic
childhood strolling through Trollskogen. Dubbed as a magical forest,
Trollskogen’s mysterious scent is spellbinding. To capture that enchanted
landscape and essence, Amoln’s Barr alchemizes a bewitching blend of
unique and local scents. As if gracing through Öland’s enchanted forest,
Barr’s magical scent calms your mind, and invokes your creativity.

9.5 OZ
3.95 inches
3.5 inches

Top: Fir needles, Orange, Fresh notes
Heart: Cinnamon
Base: Sandalwood, Resin