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Remember your first mixtape recorded from radio stations?
Remember how hard it was to put your favorite tracks together?
Remember the hand rewinding process?

Kassett candle pays homage to the sweet, nostalgic memories of the 80s
and early 90s, when cassette tapes were essentials. Walkmans with chunky
headphones were constant companions on train and bus rides, and Brit
rock and Swedish pop blasted out of boomboxes.

The complexity of Kassett's coziness is driven by a scent of fresh green
foliages mixed with Greek figs, patchouli, Icelandic woods, water jasmine,
galbanum, and Tibetan roses to arrive at a familiar, enveloping warmth and
a tinge of independent spirits.

9.5 OZ
3.95 inches
3.5 inches

Top: Bergamot, Foliage, Galbanum, Fig, Blackcurrant
Heart: Water jasmine, Rose, Violet, Cedar Wood
Base: Amberwood, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Hay, White Musks